Aldo Requena specializes in creature design, conceptual art, illustration and photographic art for film, games, music and advertising. His work dwells into dark fantasy, horror and science fiction. He also runs design operations under the mark of Hammerblaze. He provides and reinforces with artistic armament to clients of all calibers - established names and new rising acts; from all around the globe.

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Artist Bio


Aldo Requena, also renowned as Valgorth, is an artist based in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, specializing in Dark and Fantasy Art  for music, games, film, and advertising. He has over a hundred images published Worldwide in various medias such as covers, booklets, apparel, posters and conceptual design. Aldo Requena is responsible for the artistic and textual content of the "Necronomicon" itself for the movie “NECRONOMICON” produced by BARAKACINE. In 2016 He was invited to recreate his vision of the creature "The Thing" for the artbook commemorating the 35th anniversary of John Carpenter's "THE THING" movie to be released at San Diego ComicCon ( In 2008, he established his artistic firm HAMMERBLAZE, to develop graphic productions within the extreme music and publishing industries.I also run design operations at my studio. He has been involved in different design projects for bands, musicians and labels (LOST HORIZON, SKILTRON, WIZARD, DAVID SHANKLE (former MANOWAR), BLACK MAJESTY, FEANOR, HOLYHELL, PARAGON, IN-DEFILADE, WACKEN METAL BATTLE, MASSACRE RECORDS, REMEDY RECORDS, VIC RECORDS and many more). Aldo did illustrations for video games (GAME OF WAR and VAIN OF GLORY). He also created concept art for a story depicting the life of Scottish folk hero William Wallace by author and fight director Seoras Wallace (BRAVEHEART, GLADIATOR films), to later be presented as referencial art for a TV series project in the UK. Additionally to his design career, Requena is also Co-founder / Art Producer of the musical project FLASH-BACK 2029, and he is involved in artistic operations with the Argentinian FX studio TWISTED FACTORY.

He is also known for his involvement within the Swedish Cult Metal band LOST HORIZON and partnership in the front line activities of the Argentinian Metal band SKILTRON.

The Art of Aldo Requena stands for an unconventional sense of reality with a strong input in darkness and rebellion.  His style of work incorporates fantasy, horror and supernatural themes with an emphasis in ancient mythos, science and occultism.

About Hammerblaze


Created in 2008, HAMMERBLAZE is an enterprise of art operated by Aldo Requena, specialising in artwork illustration and graphics in the diverse industries of music, advertising and publishing. Projects include such names as LOST HORIZON, BLACK MAJESTY, SKILTRON, WIZARD, HOLYHELL, PARAGON, MARTIN WALKYIER, MASSACRE RECORDS and many more. HAMMERBLAZE was generated as a weapon of artistic expression to offer products that can inspire passion for many years to come. But also to triumph and prevail!

Unquestionably, the design operations at the Hammeblaze studio have been a competitive and assertive force of recognition within the heavy metal musical arena for quite a while. Providing and reinforcing with artistic armament to bands and clients of all calibers - established names and new rising acts; from all around the globe. For over eight years, the Hammerblaze machinery has produced many of the world's best digital art works thanks to the artistic vision of Aldo Requena. It is the striking mixture of fully painted art and digital manipulation on covers, dark characters, surreal creatures and post-apocalyptic themes which has made him a firm favourite with fans.

The Hammerblaze studio offers a variety of design options to help bands, musicians, labels, publishing companies reach their goals in the entertainment industry, with high-detailed creations for professional enrichment.

Hammerblaze's curriculum is distinguished by a innovative philosophical approach to traditional art and technology.

Partners & Clients


Against The Plagues, Ancestral Tunes Records, Anubis Records, Black Majesty, Blacksmith, Cataclysmical Maelstrom, Cellador, Clamando Venganza, Clan Wallace, Conflict Cycle, Dark Shift, Dolmen, Enthrall, Farseer, Faustcoven, Feanor, FlashBack 2029, Heathen Alliance Festival, HolyHell, In-Defilade, Icarus Music, Interceptor, Jaggernaut, Kingdom, Legendary Kingdoms, Lost Horizon, Luciferion, Lyra, Massacre Records, Mandoble, Martin Walkyier, Maximal Collision, Metal Forces Magazine,, Metalica Zine,, Montreal, Omega's Apple, Outer Beyond, Paragon, Quemando Cromo, Remedy Records, Running Wild (ReUnation), Samsarra, Secret Port Records, Shackles, Sinterra, Skiltron, Skull & Bones, Sonic Prophecy, Splintered World, Targul, Tengwar, Vesperian Sorrow, Vic Records, Victimario, Vorgrum, Wacken Metal Battle Argentina, Wizard, Wolvenguard.