My work has a strong input in darkness; not only visual darkness, but also as a form of rebellion against the prototype of normal life. For me, dark art stands for an unconventional sense of reality. It possesses many different visionary connections that transcend the norms of the world. I am passionate about the arcane and occult of the arts because, I am able to not only uncover a hidden universe that not all of us can see, but also to gain creativity that's both mystic and ritual in nature. This heavily links into my psyche in order to approach and explore the unknown. As result of this, I am able to connect with the world on a much deeper level that I might not have if it wasn’t for my artistic abilities. The darkness in my work will not relate to everybody, but it will certainly communicate an emotional impact and interest in those who seek to escape from the cryptic frontiers of reality.

Whether from intuition, dreams or thoughts, my artistic manifestations are an exertion of physical and intellectual strength—toward the attainment to confront the modern society and oppose their dogmatic mysticism and primitive ideas—and of course, Art is (for me) another way to deny the isolation from the world order. Thus, through the power of insight, passion and tenacity, I create a gateway where ideas and visions come to life.

“Creativity Against The Norm” is my artistic war cry in opposition to the status-quo. It’s a representation of the creative force within and the fight of Art to prevail against the doctrines and moral codes of society (The Norm). In a deepest analysis, when the spirit is lost, the vicissitudes of life can mortify the sign of prime creation. It is not by the cards of destiny that actions occur, but by our own hand and determination is only possible to achieve results. There is no savior or secret formula. There is no valid excuse. No man, woman, beast, demon or god to trust. The only system to transcend the limits of oneself is by maximum personal effort. Thus, accepting that genuine creativity originates through chaos, I rise from my ruins to create and destroy alike.

Deep within myself, I strive for the insurrection of the mind, to be free of all control and dogma perpetuated by the large, mind-oppressing corporations, which seek to disturb and obscure the mind of man. In these times of fictional liberty and spiritual slavery, the important quest is to look within oneself for the rebellion of the inner spirit (or heart) for guidance. This is the reunification to strive for: a reunification of a vital energy. Fighting for the vindication of will and smashing away the infectious plagues; that are not others than misery, greed, corrupt intentions, negativity, indoctrination and lost of hope to battle for dreams. A mental epidemic that perjures the mind with a veil of blindness, pain, depressionism, stupidity, false sensations, mental primitivism, and self-destruction. The state or condition of being unified with oneself brings back into original existence a sense of balance, conviction, independency, sagacity and valour to be disaffiliated from the collective herd. Bless the fall of fate and reverse the wheel of fortune. Today is the day to reach our goals. Will is the power. All else is error.